Business Etiquette
Business Etiquette

Business etiquette is about building relationships with other people and not about rules and regulations. It is related to providing basic social comfort and creating an environment through effective and improved communication. Etiquette is a collective term for a set of norms and conventions that govern social behavior and is required in business societal relations.

The Course Objectives:
- Understand why business etiquette matters and how to improve business etiquette culture.
- Handle initial contact and business introductions professionally and confidently.
- Create and maintain an impression of credibility, power and efficiency during business meetings.
- Follow proper telephone etiquette and create a great first impression on callers with an upbeat energetic and cheerful tone.
- Gain practical tips on handling the most important issues related to professional workplace attire.
- Follow key guidelines of proper written communication etiquette.

Main Topics:
- Professional Business Introductions.
- Business Meetings Etiquette.
- Telephone Etiquette.
- Business Correspondence Etiquette.
- General business etiquette guidelines.

Who this course is for?:
- Who wants to Display proper attention to etiquette, protocol and manners of formal business dining.

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