Positive Thinking
Positive Thinking

Thinking is a mental process that passes through stages and steps aims to find a solution to the problem for which the thinking process began. This program offers you the positive thinking skills any person needs generally in his life.

The Course Objectives
- Knowing the concept of positive thinking
- Understanding of why positive thinking is important.
- Understanding of how positive thinking works.
- Learning about the features of positive thinking.
- The Participant learns how to apply positive thinking in his life.
- Differentiate between positive and negative thinking.
- Knowing the factors affecting positive thinking.
- Learn techniques and become equipped with practical tools for assisting in the creation and maintenance of positive thinking.
- Provide you with a framework with which to work from in your effort to control your mind and direct it towards positive avenues.
- Provide you with techniques with which to overcome your obstacles.
- Provide you with techniques with which to develop your positive thinking.

Main Topics:
- Basic concepts of positive thinking.
- The importance of positive thinking.
- Attributes of Positive Thinking.
- Positive thinking skills.
- The Ten Commandments of Positive Thinking.
- The difference between positive and negative thinking.
- Factors affecting positive thinking.
- Positive Thinking Scale.

Who this course is for?:
- Everyone who wants to develop the way of thinking.

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