Customer Service
Customer Service

Quality customer service is what separates successful brands from those that struggle to get by. Increasingly, consumers are choosing brands and businesses solely in accordance with customer service – above even product quality and low prices. To become proficient in high-level customer service is to become a priceless asset in the eyes of most businesses. Practical experience matters, but so too does laying the groundwork with focused, dedicated study.

The Course Objectives:
- Introduce participants to the importance of customer service in a competitive work environment.
- Developing the capabilities and skills of participants in the field of customer service so that they can meet their needs and exceed their expectations.
- Learn about modern concepts and methods in customer service.
- To develop participants skills in identifying customer needs and providing them with high quality services.
- To develop participants ’skills in communicating with clients and developing their positive attitudes towards clients.
- Enabling participants to efficiently and effectively address customer problems, and developing their capabilities in dealing with different types of clients

Main Topics:
- Introduction to Customer Service.
- The benefits of great customer service.
- Customer Analysis: Knowing your Customer.
- How to present a professional appearance and attitude?
- Communication Skills.
- Calming Upset Customers.
- Telephone Customer Service.
- Internet Customer Skills.
- Time Management Strategies.
- Stress Management Strategies.

Who this course is for?:
- Customer service employees.
- All who wants to develop the customer services skills.

Al-khaleej Al-raed Management Training Center is a private educational institution based in Qatar that offers training courses in administration, management and diplomacy.